Scotty Riggins, an Indiana native, has been in Germany since 1984 and in Würzburg (Franconia) since 2002. Starting as a soldier in Bremerhaven, at the the end of his term of service (1986), Scotty has worked as a musician performing throughout Europe.

Growing up on a farm, Scotty connected early in life with nature. Walking the forest and fields behind the house for hours on end, Scotty learned to listen to the universe singing its song. Picking up a ukulele and guitar when he was 14, Scotty discovered his love for music. After finishing his education and working in some dead-end jobs, Scotty joined the US Army. After serving in Oklahoma, South Carolina and Georgia, he was transferred to Germany in 1984. Serving until 1986, Scotty decided to stay in Europe. Guitar in hand, traveling through Europe, Scotty has had the opportunity to observe different cultures and learn from interaction with people all over the continent.

After observing the declining state of mind of many promoters and colleagues, Scotty decided it was time for a change of career. He expanded his stage experience into a new area of expertise, spreading the word far and wide – Freedom!

Scotty Riggins, The Freedom Advokat

Why Freedom? Everyone is entitled to Freedom in their lives. We can travel freely, read what we like, watch whatever we want to watch on TV or the movies. That is not what Scotty is talking about.

“There have been walls built in our heads – placed there by our parents, the school system, the church, friends and society in general. We need to tear down those walls and take responsibility for our lives again” – Scotty Riggins